The Dexateens - Red Dust Rising LP

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Side 1
1. Pine Belt Blues
2. Diamond In The Concrete
3. Anna Lee
4. Bitter Scene
5. Red Dust Rising
6. That Dollar

Side 2
1. Devoted To Lonesome
2. Pistol Totin’ Man
3. Can’t You See
4. Take Me To The Speedway
5. Coal Mine Lung

“The Dexateens’ second album trades the triple-axe blow-outs of their debut effort for a loose, dual guitar twang which nods to Crazy Horse, The Flying Burrito Bros and Exile On Main Street-era Stones while weaving its own distinctive spell. The quartet move seamlessly from swamp-punk singalong Anna Lee to arena-sized slow-burner Take Me To The Speedway, via the title track’s rusted banjo blues and the Allman Brothers-intricate boogie of Pistol Totin’ Man. This breadth of vision is enhanced by their deft and economical playing and a marvelously warm production job by the American underground maven Tim Kerr (Monkeywrench, Big Boys). Elliot McPherson and John Smith’s vocal partnership is a final ace; the pair evoke a similar ‘new south’ to that described by Muscle Shoals’ multi-faceted Drive-By-Truckers- one where the modern and traditional are constantly in flux.” Mojo (FOUR STARS) **
June 2005

Catalog # SB12

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