The Dexateens - Hardwire Healing CD

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1. Naked Ground
2. Neil Armstrong
3. Downtown
4. Makers Mound
5. Some Things
6. What Money Means
7. Own Thing
8. Fyffe
9. Freight Train
10. Nadine
11. Outside The Loop
12. Fingertips

Now the Dexateens prep their third album, Hardwire Healing—an LP
that finds the band further honing its drinking-class, barroom-siftin’
rhythm & blues with the help of co-producers David Barbe (Sugar,
Mercyland) and Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers). Of course, the
Rolling Stones spent a huge chunk of the early and mid-’70s – and
quite a number of brain cells—trying to tap into and capture the
same kind of bluesy, Muscle Shoals sound on its classic run of LPs
from Sticky Fingers to Black & Blue. For the Dexateens, it’s a wee bit
easier. All the boys from Alabama have to do is turn on the amps and
rip into the songs, and everything that the Stones were
seeking to reap becomes immediately evident in the Dexateens’ sonic
stew. Rock & roll Tide, indeed.

Release Date: 2/6/07

Hardwire Healing was produced by David Barbe (Sugar) and Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers). Tracks were recorded at the Beech House Studio in Nashville with engineer Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Silver Jews, Bonnie Prince Billy) Guests include Tony Crowe (piano) and William Tyler (guitar) of the band Lambchop.


Catalog # SB19

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