Terry Ohms Plays Wes McDonald CDEP

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Terry Ohms Plays Wes McDonald 

1. Flat Line
2. Reports of My Death
3. It’s Not Hard to Pick a Guitar
4. State Called
6. Born Rider
7. Time in the Pasture
8. Gymnast the Preacher and the Devil

Terry Ohms is the namesake from which Wes McDonald’s former band, The Ohms, comes. Terry lives near Nome, Alaska in what McDonald describes as “the biggest igloo I’ve ever seen.” McDonald met Ohms on a trip to Alaska in July of 1994. They have been friends ever since.
The circumstance of McDonald and Ohms meeting is surreal. Exactly one year before, fishing at Salmon Lake near Nome, Ohms found himself in an unwanted confrontation with a highly pissed off Grizzly bear. He walks with a cane from where the bear nearly ripped off his leg. McDonald recalls their first meeting, “I found him in a bar deeply depressed. He was dressed in a Tuxedo clutching a picture of a beautiful malamute, and he was crying drunk. Right in the middle of everybody drinking and having a good time, there’s this guy crying.” Terry had found her half alive as a puppy on the banks of the lake. She had been abandoned by her pack because she had been born with only one eye. Terry picked her up and took her home and called her Sammy Ohms. Sammy returned the favor four years later by attacking the bear that mauled her master. Sammy distracted the bear long enough for Terry to shake loose and escape. Unfortunately, Sammy did not escape and died a literal grizzly death. It hurt Terry terribly and the anniversary was a tough day. McDonald took the bar stool next to Ohms and listened to Terry tell the story of Sammy and the Grizzly bear. McDonald says, “I ended up staying in Alaska for six months. We fished a lot, and picked around on the guitars, traded songs and stories about women and dogs. Terry seemed to be feeling better and I had commitments in the Southeastern United States, so I finally left Alaska. ”
Terry is a musician, a songwriter, half Eskimo, and a pagan monk, who has never recorded any of his songs and plays only once or twice yearly on the shores of Nome, not far from the Russian border. After 12 years of trying, McDonald finally convinced Terry to come down to Alabama. “I had been trying to get him down here forever. I wanted to record some of his songs and I thought a change might do him some good. But, he is weird and shy about recording. Most of his songs these days are about Sammy. He doesn’t see the point. Terry has written some really fantastic songs in his life, but this was not the time to mine them just yet. So, the next best thing was to get him to play some of my songs. He doesn’t like to be gone from home too long and it was getting hot in Alabama for a half Eskimo or anybody else. So, I was in a hurry to get him on tape before he was ready to leave, which wasn’t long. I think one day Terry will be ready to record his own songs, I just hope I can be a part of that. For now, he is trying to move past the pain he still feels for Sammy Ohms.”

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