Here's to last summer CD-R

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This is the first Skybucket release. It was a local compilation with a bunch of Birmingham bands, as well as some from around the state.
It is no longer available

Here’s to Last Summer

by various artists

1. The Horse by Plate Six
 2. McDonald's
 3. The Whore Next Door by Nineteen Forty-Five
 4. Bobby T by Vesper
 5. No More by Random Conflict
 6. Rally's
 7. Tombstone Bop by The Crypt Kickers
 8. A Typical Day by Nowhere Squares
 9. Daikaiju Die by Daikaiju
10. Lightning Came for Me by Audomobil?
11. Tear Effect by Electronic Voice Phenomenon
12. Colour Me Slimy by Muppet Disaster
13. Sinbad's
14. Die My Century by Exit-lo
15. Hide by A Delta Wave
16. no title by Spectre
17. Krystal
18. Slipped Away by Model Citizen
19. The Midnight Song by The Wednesdays
20. First Light by Lunasect
21. Goodbye
22. It's Alright by Rainywood

Release date January 2003
Catalog # SB01

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