Dexateens - Singlewide CD

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Singlewide Track Listing:
1. Down Low
2. Caption
3. Missionary Blues
4. Spark
5. New Boy
6. Hang On
7. Trail
8. Same As It Used To Be
9. Charlemagne
10. Grandaddy’s Mouth
11. The Ballad of Souls Departed
12. Singlewide
13. Can You Whoop It

recorded at the Beech House by Mark Nevers in Nashville, TN
produced by the Dexateens and Mark Nevers

john smith | guitar, vocals
elliott mcpherson | guitar, vocals
matt patton | bass
lee bains III | guitar, vocals
brian gosdin | drums

Behind the record:
The band is equally skilled in writing story songs in the best of the Southern oral tradition, gorgeously exemplified in “Charlemagne” and “The Ballad of Souls Departed.” The latter reminds us of the band’s considerable musical range as it moves from discordant banjos to tastefully blazing guitars. The entire album possesses a sense of spiritual questioning, if not actual questing. In McPherson’s vocals, especially, there is an ever-present hound dog whine of tragic resignation. Certainly, there is an added quiver of disappointment in “Granddaddy’s Mouth,” but also hope for a future yet to be prophesied in “Spark” and “Hang On.” Overall, Singlewide feels like sunrise after a long, dark night rockin’ in the garage, the bar, the bowery, or the stadium. The title track “Singlewide” illustrates that all of us may be stuck in the trailer park, but some of us are looking up at the stars. The final track on the album “Can You Whoop It?” is an assertion posing as a question. With the assistance of Dave Berman of the Silver Jews, who provides the robotic “yes” to the backwoods version of the question Can You Dig It?, the song is sonic ego affirmation for all us small-town, good old boys, who feel condescended to and emotionally outgunned. There is not a little lo-fi irony at work here with the lyrical persona who claims to like both “Ronnie Dio” and “Vaseline,” but, all that aside, the band’s fierce guitars return fire for those of us who feel like we have just had our porch lights shot out. Rest assured, there are answers to the dim, hazy questions raised by Singlewide. And the Dexateens are just the band to sing the sun awake.

Catalog # SB25

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