13ghosts -the strangest colored lights CD

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Order the 4th full length from Birmingham’s 13ghosts.

Get your hands on the latest offering from 13ghosts who are the hot buzz right now…

“One half of the songwriting team behind 13ghosts, Brad Armstrong sings like Richard Buckner at a closed-casket viewing and favors intensely Book of Revelations imagery. 13ghosts continue to reinvent themselves with every song, trying on new sounds and styles to see what fits…The Strangest Colored Lights is a persistently somber, mostly humorless album, but it’s so musically vigorous that you wouldn’t mind if they dwelt on death for the rest of their lives.”
-Pitchfork on “The Strangest Colored Lights” (7.6 Rating)

The physical product comes with a link to bonus material (not included on the album)

Track Listing

1. The Lonely Death of Space Avenger
2. Soft Houses
3. Beyond the Door
4. Riverside
5. Bury Me
6. Faint Goat
7. King of the Thieves
8. Go to Sleep
9. Soon When I’m Gone
10. Underground
11. Whip Poor Will
12. Photographs
13. Transmissions


 Catalog # SB22

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